Set Up            starts at $50

A good set up on a guitar is a MUST for any guitar player. We set your guitar up so that it fits perfectly in your hand and to your unique playing style. We check all aspects of the guitar to make sure your guitar leaves the shop dirt-free, buzz-free, and stress-free.

Fretwork             $15/fret*

Frets wear out. They get scratched up, dinged, or even pop out. We will find the most effective way to properly restore your fret and get it working again. Fretwork doesn't always have to be so complicated and expensive!

*price for full dressing/refret might differ.

Structural Repair

Oh no! What happened? But don't worry. Almost anything is repairable. Almost. Broken headstock, loose braces, snapped neck, popped-out bridge, or a bullet hole on your Lucille. There is a way to fix it.


If you want to upgrade your guitar, swap out parts, re-do electronics, or try out new gizmos, we will help you out. We can help you try even the most unorthodox and wild configurations you can think of.


Finishes and Inlays

We don't really really do finish work on guitars ever... But if you must!? We can help you. Dings and chips can be filled, gloss can come down flat, new headstock, new color, burst or sparkles can be arranged. 

Custom Build

We are luthiers here after all. If you have a guitar of your dreams made with PVC pipes and cigar box, come talk to us. Want to build your own guitar from scratch and need help? Bring it in. Let's build something together.

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