*Please note that each bass has a slightly different quilted top than the picture listed. 


What a gorgeous bass! It has a Fine Grain Solid Ash as the body and it's coated with beautiful Solid Quilted Bubinga. It also has a Maple Neck-Thru. 
Pick-ups and electronics are definitely above average. As a guitar and a bass player ourselves, dynamic response to these pickups are pretty amazing. Warm, punchy and clear definition. 




Body : Fine Grain Solid Ash

Top and Back : Solid Quilted Bubinga

Fingerboard : Ebony

Neck : Solid Maple (body to head through-neck 1 piece ) with Solid Walnut Reinforcement ( 4 pieces maple and 3 pieces walnut total )

Head Top : Solid Quilted Bubinga

Finish : Gloss Quilted Bubinga

Truss Rod: Dual
Battery: two 9v battery


Scale : 35"

Nut wide : 2 1/2"

Nut Spacing : 1/3" each string

Bridge wide : 3 7/8"

Bridge Spacing : 5/8" each string


Pick up - CNC  destiny

Controls - 2-Position Mini Toggle Switch : Selector for on and off volume

Center Tapped Front and Rear Pickup Mix Volume

Center Tapped Bass

Center Tapped Middle

Center Tapped



AIO Wolf S9-7 7 String Bass Quilted Bubinga


Shipping Policy:

U.S. - Free Shipping

Hawaii & Alaska & Guam - $35

Canada & Puerto Rico & South America - $69

European Union - $100

Other International Shipping - $130

Shipping fees added on separate invoice.

Return Policy:

Unless there is a damage/dent or product has any other problem, return is not acceptable. We will accept exchange if there is any problem with the guitar. If you simply do not like the guitar and want to return, buyer must pay for the shipping both ways and there will be 10% restocking fees. This policy applies within 14days of receipt. 

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