How it All  Began

Jin Kim was a musician that wanted to sell guitars that people could afford without having to sacrifice the playability or sound. After decades of playing experience and having owned guitars that were priced from under fifty dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, he found that guitars made internationally had both a reasonable price and the potential to become a great guitar.


The problem was that with overseas handling and weather changes, the guitar would go through immense amounts of stress, wood shrinkage, fret damage and more. The solution? To build a professional team with a love for guitars that would go above and beyond to make these guitars high quality while maintaining an affordable price.

AIOG first opened in 2014 with a goal to help local musicians with better guitar buying experience and repair/setup services. Located in Los Angeles, we are doing our best to make sure we stay the finest all-in-one guitar shop in town!


our promise of quality

With every instrument we sell, we do a hardware and playability check, electronics testing, tuning, polishing and construction examination. However, we consider this meticulous inspection process as just the basics.


What we are known to our customers for is providing free, top-quality setups on all the guitars, which we sell and repair at extremely low prices. We want to tailor each guitar to the player’s specific preference. Every guitar in our store is retouched by our luthiers to bring out the best in every brand. We also have professional players who review our setups and share with

us how each instrument can be optimized to meet the taste of certain players.

Any guitarist can buy an expensive guitar... but what we really believe is
the right setup makes all the difference. The guitars that go through us will have quality of sound and playability that's on a whole new level. Feel the difference in your hands by getting your guitar checked up by us!



The founder and owner of AIO is Jin Kim, an active guitarist and Musician’s Institute graduate with 40 years of playing experience. He has experience as a luthier, music professor, sessionist, collector and worship music director.

Every other staff member is also a skilled bassist or guitarist that has 20-30 years of experience. Our professional technicians, inspectors, and luthiers have put their trained hands and eyes on basses and guitars everyday.

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