AIO Guitars

Our shop's best-sellers: AIO basses & guitars are built with quality materials, designed beautifully, and above all else, sound amazing. AIO prices are so much more affordable compared to other high-end brands. Add our shop's top-rated complimentary setup, and what you're getting is truly a gem in this market... If you're around the area, you need to test them out yourself.

Why are AIO guitars so good? 

  • We customize every guitar with a new setup and examine all the electronics, hardware, wood, finishes, etc in the process. We ask our customers to share their playing style/preferences so we can tailor the setup. 

  • Both our customers and fellow musicians have tried our AIO guitars & basses and testify to how surprised they are to find them selling BELOW $1000 for unique models and BELOW $500 for standard electric guitars/bass.


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